Using Today's Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Solutions

CleanTech Biofuels is building a new infrastructure of the future where landfill waste can be transformed into renewable fuel and recyclable materials. Our technology is operating in Australia and is being implemented in the United States. Using the existing infrastructure for garbage collection and disposal, CleanTech is rapidly deploying powerful technologies for turning garbage into fuel. CleanTech Biofuels is a sustainability success story, with revolutionary economic, ecological and social benefits that address the global challenges of increasing waste and soaring energy costs.

Producing Renewable, Sustainable Energy

As population and consumption increase, people generate more waste each year. The EPA estimates that Americans threw out 269 million tons of trash in 2006; about 1 ton per person. Globally, people discard about 2 billion tons of trash annually. That means landfill space everywhere is getting costlier and harder to find. Meanwhile, energy demand and costs are also increasing. CleanTech Biofuels solves landfill and energy problems with a revolutionary Biomass Recovery Process that transforms trash into biofuel and recyclable materials. Our process is sustainable thinking in action--solving some of today's most challenging environmental, economic and social problems.

Bioenergy Commitment

In recent years, greening has had tremendous media coverage, but sustainability is an elusive goal--especially globally. We're working to change that. North Americans enjoy tremendous prosperity and a relatively clean environment, so we don't always see the impacts of waste and energy problems. However both are serious issues in many world areas and CleanTech can help. We're doing that by taking a global view. Commercial development in the U.S. is only the first step in sharing the benefits of our process worldwide.

About CleanTech Biofuels

CleanTech Biofuels offers a set of technologies that convert municipal solid waste into biomass feedstock. Our unique technology package positions us to be the industry leader in using municipal solid waste (MSW) as the primary biomass feedstock for energy production. Municipalities that adopt our technology will:

By using the existing infrastructure for municipal solid waste collection and disposal to collect biomass at a low ornegative feedstock cost, CleanTech Biofuels will achieve profitability quickly relative to other produces who must develop their infrastructure to collect and transport more expensive feedstocks such as switchgrass, wood waste, or corn stover. Moreover, biomass derived from garbage is insulated from commodity price increases that threaten producers manufacturing ethanol from corn.

Our technology can drastically reduce the amount of waste going into landfills while providing a sustainable source of locally produced biofuels.

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