Garbage In; Energy Out

With renewable energy demand rapidly increasing, CleanTech Biofuels delivers a sustainable new way to help power America. Our technology improves waste-to-energy approaches by converting landfill waste directly into biomass, transforming traditional municipal landfills into renewable energy suppliers. By providing an innovative Biomass Recovery Process to convert MSW into feedstock, CleanTech Biofuels delivers many economic, environmental and social benefits to the communities we serve. Instead of wasting money and resources to bury tons of municipal trash, CleanTech helps communities capture valuable biomass for use in electrical generation or biofuel production. We also enable 100 percent recycling and reduce landfill requirements by up to 90 percent -- using a community's existing infrastructure. Our system is easy to implement, bringing communities a step closer to using nature's model of “Zero Waste”; CleanTech Biofuels is sustainable thinking in action. Please learn more and join us by getting involved in a sustainable new approach to municipal waste: Garbage In; Energy Out.


Biomass Recovery Process

In three easy steps, CleanTech's Biomass Recovery Process converts garbage into high-quality cellulose for biofuel, power and electricity production.

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Images from Operational Plant in Coff's Harbor, Australia

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